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Friday, October 30, 2009
<3; 11:41 PM

Right, that picture was from Marina Barrage. Anyway, school ended already. Not counting the days that we have to be back for intensive. School's going to be quite fun for intensive also I guess. Other than the massive load of work that we will have to do..
<3 style="margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px; height: 239px;" src="http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_mG7Sj2pu6Eg/SusJcUxPTbI/AAAAAAAAAr4/OXkS1wKnGwo/s320/14564_178034859424_691554424_2778738_2929568_n.jpg" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5398418960549891506" border="0"><3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_mG7Sj2pu6Eg/SusJb9_WqzI/AAAAAAAAArw/B5DXWpqA7ac/s1600-h/14564_178034849424_691554424_2778737_6415902_n.jpg">3B1. I was suppose to be Stamford Raffles and Wye Syn was Statue of Liberty. The rest were tourist. 3B1 ROCK!

Tomorrow I am going to Night Safari for the Halloween thing. I hope its going to be fun and I wont scare the hell out of myself:/ Cant wait. And there is going to be tuition in the morning and I have to take bus myself. BLEH. Okay. Going to sleep soon.

Su-May, we are all going to miss you alot. Considering the times we spent together in choir and in class. We'll remember you. Thank you for always being there. Do come back and visit us often. School's going to be different without you..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello. Went to Marina Barrage on Thursday. Overall, it was pretty fun:D:D Learnt quite a bit about water conservations and about Marina Barrage overall. Saw some Ministers there and they were waving and taking photos of us. HAHA!


Later I am going Suntec to eat Japanese food. Talking to Victoria and Piggy. HAHA!
Btw, ADD ME AT blackand-gold@hotmail.com

; 12:25 AM

ADD ME AT blackand-gold@hotmail.com cause I lost my old email. LOVELOVE!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
; 11:23 PM

Today we had Volleyball interclass and Christmas Service. Only Volleyball was fun. Christmas Service was pretty screwed. Felt like I should sing at the first part, when it came to carolling no one was really in the mood to sing.
For Volleyball, I decided to do duty with Pris and Annabella for the first shift since Isador was going to play for her class and I was suppose to do with her. After our class's break, Victoria and Sherine had this plan to take my wallet and try to play a prank. Tsk. Gave my wallet to Pris for safe keeping. Joined my class to cheer for our class. 3B1 YAY!
Wye Syn calls this the SE PEH PEH face. HAHA!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009
; 10:49 PM

Today we had a performance from Wild Rice Production. It was not as bad as what I thought it will be. The actors were really good!
Then we had some talk by MrsJ telling us about the VALUES that we need to have. DO NOT SMOKE, DO NOT TAKE DRUGS, DO NOT HAVE SEX. MrsL came up to talk for a little while also. Then we had our Sexuality Talk. Gross ttm. The pictures of people with HIV/AIDS and STDs were damn damn gross. Had our 1 hour break and went back to class for the second portion. Then we did some class activities and stuff.
There wasn't CCA today, so I went straight home from school. So proud that I even finished my Maths Tuition Homework!:D:D
Tomorrow we are having Volleyball interclass and Christmas Service. GOSH!

Sherine's playing for Christmas Service tmrw. HAHA!

Love her songs manzz.


Monday, October 19, 2009
:D; 11:01 PM

Tomorrow isn't going to be that fun. There is like something about Wild Rice and the Sexuality Talk. Yesterday was watching Tang Xin Feng Bao(Mooncake one). Victoria kept telling me about how bitchy those people are, like the woman and stuff. She loves that word now. I had plenty of tuitions too! In the morning, I had Maths and after that I had Chinese. It was fine, at night, I went to Vivo City:D

Love my prettyyy dress!
I bought another skirt from River Island. WOOOHH!

Today, I got woken up by the electricians. Looked at them fix everything and ate my lunch. In the afternoon my mother didnt allow me to go over to Victoria's house with May and Davina. So they decided to come to my house. Victoria and I started throwing erasers at May and Davina to scare them while they were watching Titanic. However, soon we just decided to watch the show together with them. It was a pretty nice and cool show. Come to think about how they filmed all the effects and people's expressions of fear. Was blog hopping together. And the computer took forever to load.
At night, talked to Annabella and she made me watch many videos. All the korean songs. HAHA. Gen listened to Party in The USA for like 43 times today. That's funny. I noticed I kept listening to Rihanna songs today.
Anyway, went to Cold Storage to grab a few things. I am reading TEENAGE now, talking to people online, listening to some chinese SHE song and messaging Victoria. I am going to sleep soon. Tmrw there is choir and OMG.

Good nights!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here are the photos from the Strings Concert. It was quite successful. Took photos like mad. Well, will upload more soon. Doing my math homework. BLEH!

; 10:22 AM

Okay, got back all the results and passed everything except one subject. Combined Humans. Should hang around for a while more and do some reading.

Thursday, October 08, 2009
; 7:59 PM

For the past few days, I have been going out in the afternoon. On monday I went out after the papers to PS and Cathay. Went there with Naomi, Sherine and Su-May. Ate lunch and met Gen, Wye Syn and Victoria. We went to watch Fame together. I must say only the dances were nice and cool. The others was pretty boring. After the movie, we went over to PS and thought over whether we should catch another movie. In the end we just decided to walk around and eat a little things. We went to burger king, Gen and Naomi ate the Hershey Chocolate desert. So sweet, so I didnt even touch it. Then we walked a little and went to KFC. Gen and Victoria ate the Party Snackers. They were snatching over it. We walked for a while more and went home.
For tuesday, the worst thing came in the morning when I was preparing to go out for lunch, Su-May called and said there was CHOIR. We went blabbing about it for a while. Went online and asked Amelia whether it was real. Asked Gabrielle too. In the end, I had not much choice. Changed in choir shirt and pinafore. Went to heartland mall to meet Vic and bought food before going to her house to eat it. Her house is like super empty. But its windy and pretty nice. So, yep:D:D Went for choir and went home. Did the video that mum wanted me to do. Watched Picture This(Ashley Tisdale), Another Cinderella Story and Not Another Teenage Movie. All the Chick Flicks. Love them:D:D
Wednesday, met Pris, Isador, Joanne and Yingbing at the MRT station. In the morning talked to my second brother. Went out later and forgot many things on the way out. Tsk. Met them and we went to GV to book the tickets for Cloudy. Went to FaceShop to look at the nail polishes(GIRLS MANZZ) and then we went to Carl'sJr. Pris, Joanne and me shared a burger while Isador and YingBing shared the smaller version. It was free flow of drinks. Anyway, stayed there and talked for a little while before making our way to the movie theater. Bought popcorn and nachos. We got our 3D glasses. Anyway, after that we shopped for awhile. Went to the Rooftop and sat there talking and bejewelling the phone. Saw some retards there, then we saw Isabel's clique. Coolest. Went off after a while. I was really tired. On the train saw some PL-Lites, Vina and Grace. HAHAHA, saw them in the morning when we were going Vivo and when we were coming back. Hilarious ttm.
Today school was pretty much of talks and planning for innovation week. Time passed really fast though. Was quite glad. After that we had choir and revised on the old songs which are really nice. Ended at around 5.35? Called mum and went home. FINALLY. I bathed and talked to Gen online. Talked about really random stuff and facebook stuff. Woosh, facebook is really fun to talk about huh? Facebook-ed and did some research for a while, and went down for my wonderful dinner. It was really damn good:D:D I am talking to Sherine online, the others left. Doing some research on the Sports Hub(QUITE COOL YOU KNOW!). I am listening to Fame OST and also Hold Your Dreams from Fame.
I still love Kristinia deBarge. She is damn good:D:D
Okay, should sleep early tonight. Wait its redundant. But still, daddy's not in Singapore. Cool sports HUB!

Monday, October 05, 2009

I am super lazy to blog now. Anyway, the blog is quite dead. EOYs are finally over and I watched Fame today, shopped around and saw Isador/Annabella/Vivien/Deborah.
I am listening to Hannah Montana now and feeling really tired D:
I want to go Outfitter Girls or Plaza Singapura to buy clothes soon!
I love this song from FAME-Hold your dream

14 (on my BDAY!)


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